9/365 Good Fortune

{As promised, I am posting my 365 from earlier in the week!}

I'm sure I have probably mentioned before that my husband works full time and is a full time student. When he's home, he dedicates all of his time to Jackson and me, making it difficult to find time to focus on his school work. Luckily, Nana and Papa live close by and LOVE having Jackson and me over for Sunday Night Sleepovers! Every Sunday afternoon, we pack up and head south for dinner with my parents and a slumber party, giving Jason time to focus on his school work (and OCCASIONALLY head down to the golf range to hit a bucket of balls!). Jackson has a pack and play set up in what used to be my bedroom. My bed is still in there, although, I prefer to sleep on their OH-SO-COMFY couch! We all enjoy it... My pops cooks dinner. Jackson gets to play with all of his toys that they keep there for him. We watch Extreme Makeover - Home Edition and then Jackson goes to bed. After Jax is tucked in, my mom and I watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. Well, my mom usually makes it through Desperate Housewives. By the time Brothers & Sisters is on, she's usually nodding off in her recliner! (I'm sure she'll kill me for including that little tid-bit!)

Last Sunday, Jackson and I headed down for our usual sleepover. My pops wasn't feeling very well and my mom had worked all day. Instead of a home-cooked meal, we picked up some take-out from Panda Express.

Here's my fortune... "The only way to have a friend is to be a friend."

The edits on these photos were done in Lightroom 2 using some new presets I picked up from Pretty Presets. I love experimenting with different presets and actions when editing photos, and I really liked the color conversion on this one. You would never guess what colors were in these photos originally... I placed the fortune cookie on a red tray that had clear glasses on it. It's amazing how the click of a button can change the entire look of your photos!

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