11/365 That Kind Of Day

If you've been following my blog, you probably know that I am a couple days behind on my 365 project. I've been taking my pictures, I just haven't had time to upload and edit them.

I will catch up soon... It shouldn't take too long since I only missed two days. I've just been so busy and so exhausted! Jason and I went to the Seahawks game on Saturday and boy, did that take it out of me! Sunday, we headed down to my parents house where we stayed the night. Jason was there long enough to help me put all of their Christmas decorations in the attic and then went home to do his school work. On Monday, Jason stayed home from work after re-injuring his back so I got to play nurse all day. I drove him to the doctor and then had his prescriptions filled.
I feel so bad for him right now. It's bad enough that he is in so much pain, but he's missing his play time with Jackson. Besides that, Jackson doesn't really understand why Daddy can't pick him up... :( Hopefully it will be better soon!

Anyway, I've been having a hard time sleeping lately. There are many factors contributing to this... One reason is because I've been tired so I've been drinking a lot of caffeinated beverages. I've also had quite a few migraines lately and the medication I take for those has caffeine in it. It seems like a catch-22... I'm not getting enough rest which may be one of the reasons my migraines have been so frequent. I'm having to take migraine medication which keeps me awake, not allowing me to get rest. Without enough rest, I'm facing more migraines. Talk about a vicious cycle! Needless to say, I have been drinking a lot of coffee recently, so it seemed like a picture of my coffee was needed on my blog!

I started collecting Starbucks mugs a few years ago. I picked up this one in New Jersey and it's one of my favorites!

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