The "H" Family

I am such a horrible blogger!!! I started out this year pretty strong with my 365 Project, posting to my blog nearly every day. That didn't last long... I thought to myself, a picture a day, sure I can do that! But, for me, it was more than just a random picture... On a daily basis, I was looking for something to take a photo of that had meaning... something I could write up some great blog post about. I totally lost sight of what I had originally challenged myself to do, taking a photo a day for an entire year. And now, the year is almost over, and I don't have a whole lot to show for it... At least, not on my blog.

Not only have I been neglecting my 365 Project, but I've also been neglecting my clients and posting their sessions. :( I hope to find some time over the next couple months to go back and do some catching up on my blogging. Here's a little start... :)

Meet the "H" family! I met them last year when I shot a family session and engagement session for them. Their girls are absolutely adorable and we had a great time! I was so excited when they contacted me this year about doing another family session!

47|365 Beautiful Morning

Good morning! I hope everyone in Seattle is enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am! The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky (at least over my house).

We woke up Sunday morning to a day just as gorgeous as today and took Jax for a ride on his bike. While walking around, I noticed some of the early signs of Spring all around me.

There are so many things I enjoy about Spring. Longer days (it's no longer dark at 4:00pm), new life, more sunshine, flowers in bloom, etc... But, the best part about Spring is the amazing cherry blossoms in bloom. I was so excited when I found blossoms on some of the trees in our neighborhood. It won't be long before Spring is officially here and the cherry blossoms are in full bloom!

45|365 L.O.V.E

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my family, friends, and fans. Thank you for all of your love and support. To my amazing husband and son, I LOVE YOU!!!

44|365 STUD

Jackson got his first bike for Christmas from his grandparents and this was the first opportunity Jason and I had to take him OUTSIDE to ride it. It's a balance bike, so there are no pedals and no training wheels. He did so well his first time out!!! It took him a little while to get the hang of steering the bike, but he had a lot of fun.

I'm so excited for better weather so we can get out and he can learn to balance on it!

I love this picture of my little guy... He looks so focussed and determined.

42|365 K-Cups... Oh how I miss you...

Our coffee maker is not working. I'm pretty sure it just needs to be de-scaled and it should work fine. I just haven't had much time (or any non-diluted white vinegar on hand) to do so. Lucky for me, I live in Seattle where there is a Starbucks within a half-mile radius to where ever I am when I find myself needing coffee!

I love my Keurig Single-Cup Brewer!

41|365 A Day At The Zoo

The sun finally decided to come out and play this week and I could not be happier! To celebrate, I decided to take Jackson to the Woodland Park Zoo, one of our favorite sunny day activities! He was so excited to find out Papa Fred would be joining us.
The funny thing about taking an almost two year old to the zoo is each time we go, he has a different favorite animal. Last time it was the penguins... This time it was the orangutans. He was scared of the snakes, but I may be to blame for that. When we saw them, I made a comment somewhat along the lines of, "Icky, Mommy doesn't like the snakes." After that, he became upset whenever we would see another one and tell me, "I don't like snakes, I'm scared." (Note to self: Remember to turn the mommy filter ON and not discuss what is scary to me around Jackson. He is such a tough boy and I don't want to compromise that because I'm afraid of snakes and arachnids.)

Normally when we go, the lions are sleeping (usually in a place where it's hard to see them). But today, they were out roaming around and even walked right up to the windows in the viewing area. I thought Jackson would be SUPER excited to see the lions up close and personal, but he seemed to be perfectly happy drawing in the dirt with a couple of sticks he found just after we saw the elephants.

Jen & Scott Are Expecting!

I spent yesterday afternoon with an old friend from work, Jennifer, and her husband, Scott. They are expecting their first baby VERY soon and I cannot be more happier for them. Here's a little sneak peek from their session.