6/365 Jackson's Keyboard

Today was not a good day to be a mommy. I've had an excruciating migraine ever since I woke up. Luckily, Jackson has been pretty good today. He's been playing quietly with his trucks and watching Bolt and Toy Story 3. At one point, I had fallen asleep on the couch and woke up to find him vacuuming the living room with the cordless sweeper. Too bad the batteries were dead... would have saved me some time this weekend (or my husband who likes to vacuum on Saturday mornings). He even took a three hour nap in his tent with me! After nap time, we came downstairs and he wanted to see the TRACTORS on mommy's computer. This has become something we do just about every time I turn on the computer. Sometimes we watch slideshows on YouTube and sometimes we just do a google search for tractor photos. On the computer desk, we have (as Jackson likes to call them) Mommy's keyboard and Jackson's keyboard. Jackson's keyboard is from our old desktop and he loves sitting at the computer typing away while he's looking at pictures of his precious tractors.

He's so excited! Today we found a photo of Mickey Mouse driving a John Deere tractor!


Jennifer said...

Wow him and Canin are a lot alike with the tractors...My dad was putting away Can's John Deere Gator a couple days ago and before he knew it Canin had climbed up on the tractor trailer and was well on his way up the tractor to take it for a spin HAHA.

Erin Woolwine {PHOTOGRAPHY} said...

That is so cute Jen! Jackson has been obsessed with tractors for quite some time. He still talks about riding the tractor with his Papa and Uncle Harrison when we went to Ohio in September.