5/365 A Late One

One of the things my husband looks forward to most when going to visit family back home (besides family, of course) is a nice, cold, refreshing bottle of Ale8. The first Christmas I spent with my husbands family was the first time I had ever tasted, let alone heard of, an Ale8. I was told by Jason and his family that most people who didn't grow up on it, don't like it. So, I had my first Ale8 and this amazing thing happened... I loved it! Maybe because I like ginger ale, or maybe because it's filled with caffeine! Either way, it was yummy.

Ale8 has been bottled in Winchester, KY (where my husbands family is from) ever since 1926. It's nearly impossible to find it outside of Kentucky. Every time we go back for a holiday or a family reunion, we find refrigerators fully stocked at Jason's Grandmother and Grandad's house and at his Grandmom's. We usually pick up a few 6-packs to take back to Cincinnati with us before we have to fly back to Seattle. Jason's family even had some shipped to him while he was deployed.

I smuggled this bottle onto the plane during one of our trips a few years ago. Although these refillable bottles are no longer made, they still re-use them. But, I couldn't deposit this bottle... I had to take it home!


The Barrowmans said...

How funny. Andrew is the same way about his Irn-bru from Scotland.

Lady D said...

I am like that with my A-treat.

Lizardstew said...

I LOVE to visit my Virgina family because I know the fridge will be stocked with Yuengling Lager! You can't get it west of the Mississippi but soooo goooooood!