4/365 It's Arrived! My Kelly Moore Bag is here!!!

To all of my facebook friends that saw my Dear Santa letter and have been wondering if Santa brought me the Kelly Moore bag I had at the top of my wish list, this post is for you... :)

I have been carrying around the Quantaray camera bag that was free with the purchase of my dslr for well over a year now. It hasn't been the most user friendly bag for someone who likes to change out their lenses often during a shoot. Plus, it was bulky and awkward. Even though it was bulky, it wasn't quite big enough for all of my gear. Besides not being user friendly for me, it also wasn't very nice to look at. My search for an amazing camera bag was on!

There are quite a few vendors that have great bags for women (Shootsac, Epiphanie, Kelly Moore, JoTotes, Jill-E...). The only problem is, you have to purchase them online. It's very hard for me to purchase something if I can't see it and hold it first, especially when it comes to something I'll be carrying around and wearing quite often. So, I started doing a lot of research. I started by compiling a list of vendors/designers and compared various styles and sizes. I was able to cross quite a few different styles off my list right away due to their smaller sizes. I did more research... read quite a few blog posts from fellow photographers about their camera bags and did a lot of googling. I even went as far as contacting a photographer that has FOUR (count 'em, 1 2 3 FOUR) Kelly Moore bags. After much time and consideration, this is what I chose...

The Kelly Moore Classic in Muted Teal (visit Kelly's website HERE)

I could not be more excited about this bag. The UPS woman that dropped it off at my house this morning had a nice little laugh when I started jumping up and down! Right away, I had to open it up and start transferring all of my equipment. And, IT ALL FITS!

Many thanks and lots of love to my wonderful husband for ordering this for me! I love it and I LOVE YOU!

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Jason said...

You deserve it! Love you too!