3/365 Nurture

Today, my son and I were having a good ol' time dancing around the living room and taking pictures. Jackson LOVES dancing and comes up with some pretty amazing moves for someone who isn't even two yet! One of his favorite things to do when he's playing is to tackle you to the ground. Once he has you pinned down, he will wrestle you for awhile and even start tickling you, saying "so funny, so funny, it tickles!" Anyway, I had my camera in front of my face, shooting away, when he came charging at me. I had no idea what I was really in for...
Just before he took a flying leap into me, he (I know it's a little gross... Sorry) vomited all over me. Luckily, it missed my camera and my brand new Ohio State hoodie! But, my pants and the floor were covered... :(
Jackson has never really had the stomach flu or vomiting... He did go through a phase where he found it extremely entertaining to gag himself, but that was nothing. I wish he were a little older and understood what was going on. At least that way, he could let me know if he was feeling sick again and we could get to the bathroom or to a bucket in time. He's still getting sick to his tummy and is experiencing some other symptoms of the stomach flu. It's not easy to watch your little one go through all the icky stuff. But, I am glad I'm here to take care of him. One of the best things about staying home is being there for him when he needs me, and lately, he seems to be needing me more and more. Even if it means getting thrown up on!

This photo was taken shortly after the first time he got sick... :( Bless his little heart!

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The Barrowmans said...

He is just so Handsome.