2/365 Pampering Vs. Parenting

For all of you new moms and soon-to-be moms out there, you may want to take a few notes...

When it comes to what kind of girl I am, I am - always have been - and always will be a girly-girl. I love to be pampered! Whether it's getting a mani-pedi, a highlight and cut, a massage, or a day of shopping, I LOVE IT! What woman doesn't? Yes, I know you're out there, but come on now...

Once upon a time, I used to get a mani-pedi every few weeks. I had my hair cut and foiled every two months. I enjoyed a day at the spa getting a facial and massage every once in awhile. I went to the makeup counters at the department stores for mini-makeup makeovers and to find new colors and products to fall in love with. It's been almost two years since I did these things. Don't get me wrong... I still get my haircut, it's just been several months. I TRIED to grow my hair out to it's natural color and I almost made it... I was one haircut away from having no more highlights before I caved. For my birthday my cousin, Jenni, treated me to a pedicure and hot stone foot massage. (Thanks Jenni!) As much as I love all of these things, why is it that I don't find the time to do them? Because almost two years ago, I became a mom.

I'm sure you've all heard this before, but being a stay at home mom is the greatest job in the world, but it is also the hardest. I never get to clock out or leave my job. I spend my entire day with my son. We read, chase each other around the house, watch movies, and sometimes he even gets to help me cook. When we aren't having fun, I'm feeding him or changing his diapers or cleaning up something he has spilled or broken. After my husband gets home from work, it's time to do laundry or wash dishes. I rarely take time for myself. And when I do, I find myself feeling guilty for not being with my family.

Just yesterday, I went to the movies with a friend. It was the first movie I had been to since I was about 6 months pregnant. I was so excited to go see a rom-com with a good friend, but I found myself feeling like the movie was never going to end! I kept wondering what my husband and son were up to, and hoping that Jackson was being a good boy for daddy. After the movie, I picked up my mom and we went shopping (for my hubby and little guy... NOT ME!). The longer we were gone, the more I felt like I needed to get home to help Jason and give him a little relief.

Anyway, my whole point is this... When you become a parent, your entire life changes. You spend all of your time and energy caring for this little life that's full of huge surprises. This little version of you and your husband becomes your top priority. But, as fun and rewarding as it is, it is still stressful. So make time for you and doing something you enjoy. The biggest struggle I've had staying home with Jax is allowing myself time away from him, GUILT FREE. Going to the salon and having a day at the spa is something I enjoy and find relaxing, so I need to do it. I need to make time for MYSELF. And I need to remind myself that venturing out to the grocery store alone to pick up a gallon of milk does not count! Put a little time away for yourself and do something you enjoy.

This Gene Juarez salon package was a Christmas gift from my wonderful in-laws and I CANNOT wait to use it! Thanks Bob, Abbe, and Harrison!

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