12/365 Be Mine

I was hanging out with a friend today and she asked me what I do for Jason for Valentine's Day. I didn't really have a great answer because every year, I do something different. A few years ago, I was travelling with Rite Aid and found myself in North Carolina on Valentine's Day. Since Jason and I couldn't be together, I decided to surprise him with flowers. Yes, I had flowers delivered to my husband at work! Last year, we left Jackson with my parents overnight and drove down to Portland for dinner and a concert. Before heading back to Seattle, we took a photo walk around downtown Portland. Another year, I made him a gift basket.
Two years ago, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Jackson during Valentine's Day. My doctor had put me on medical leave and I had a ton of free time during the week, so why not make a scrapbook? I ventured out to my favorite scrapbook store and picked out some gorgeous papers. I found this awesome chipboard kit that had the word "LOVE", numbers 1-10, and 10 chipboard pages. It was perfect! I had no idea how hard it was going to be to narrow everything I love about my husband down to just 10!

I'm glad I decided to make this before Jackson came along. I really don't have much free time to scrapbook anymore!

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