A New Year, A New Blog

It's New Year's Day, 2011... As I sit here at my computer writing this, I reflect on all of last years ups and downs, all my accomplishments and failures, all the happy memories shared with friends and family (mostly my incredible son) and tragic losses of loved ones. So much has happened in the last year, and I imagine a lot more will happen this year.

It seems like life never slows down. The clock just starts ticking faster the older I get. I always find myself wishing for a few more hours each day. Then, maybe, I could cross everything of my list of things to do. I'm hoping to find some time this year to focus on my photography a little more. Not only am I expanding my portfolio, but I am also working on my branding. For me, this has been the hardest part about starting a business. I have some pretty clear ideas in my head of what I want, I'm just a little graphically design challenged. (Wondering if 'graphically' is a real word? Me too, but it sounded cool.) And, I'm REALLY hoping to find some time to focus on BLOGGING about my photography and what better way to do that than with a new blog.

So, here's to an exciting New Year!

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