27|365 I cheated!

So, I didn't take this picture today. In fact, I didn't take any pictures today. (No, that's not true... I took one with my phone to send to my friend, Jen. She taught me how to make these adorable cloth flowers and I think I've made 100 of them in the past few days! I had to show her...) Anyway, I took this picture at sunset two days ago. Jackson was feeling a little better, so we went for a walk down at the marina. It was freezing, so we didn't stay out long. But, we did get to watch a gorgeous sunset. I cannot wait for warmer weather. This winter has been a little rough on me. I hate being cold and I don't like to keep Jax out in the cold for too long, either. I am SO looking forward to our daily walks at the marina and trips to the park.