24|365 Trip to the Pharmacy

My family is sick... Jason came down with the flu on Saturday, and Jackson came down with it today. It's only a matter of days before I, myself, am sick with the flu. :(

We traveled to Eastern Washington over the weekend for a fun family getaway. Our plans were changed when Jason woke up Saturday morning not feeling well. I ventured out to the pharmacy and picked up some cold and flu medication and a thermometer for him. Sure enough, he was running a fever and spent the rest of the weekend cooped up in the hotel room with our dog, Molly.

I didn't think it was a very good idea to keep Jackson there out of fear that we would both catch whatever Jason had, so we went and stayed with my grandmother who lived nearby. Monday morning, Jackson woke up and was not feeling well. He was coughing and started running a fever. Back to the pharmacy for some children's Tylenol and Motrin (and some other goodies).

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