15|365 Seeing Double

My husband is the biggest Dead Head I know! While he was deployed in Iraq, he'd sign off his emails to me with lyrics from Grateful Dead songs. Sometimes it was one of his favorite songs, other times maybe just something from a song that fit his current mood. But they were almost always Dead songs. I can't even begin to tell you how many albums he owns.
While we were pregnant, we used to play music for Jackson. I had read somewhere that playing classical music to the baby while in the womb has led to higher IQ's, so naturally, I had to stick headphones around my belly and play music for Jackson. Most of the time we played Bach or Mozart, but every now and then Jax got to listen to some of our favorites. My pick, country... Jason's pick, what else, The Dead!
Now, I can't say that I enjoy their music too much. Don't get me wrong... There are quite a few songs that I actually do enjoy. I've just never really gotten into it. However, I know how much Jason loves them (obviously... he has a Steal Your Face tattoo on his right shoulder!). So, when I was at Target last summer and saw this Steal Your Face t-shirt, I had to get it for Jackson. And actually, since I knew how much Jason would love it, I picked up two different sizes!