41|365 A Day At The Zoo

The sun finally decided to come out and play this week and I could not be happier! To celebrate, I decided to take Jackson to the Woodland Park Zoo, one of our favorite sunny day activities! He was so excited to find out Papa Fred would be joining us.
The funny thing about taking an almost two year old to the zoo is each time we go, he has a different favorite animal. Last time it was the penguins... This time it was the orangutans. He was scared of the snakes, but I may be to blame for that. When we saw them, I made a comment somewhat along the lines of, "Icky, Mommy doesn't like the snakes." After that, he became upset whenever we would see another one and tell me, "I don't like snakes, I'm scared." (Note to self: Remember to turn the mommy filter ON and not discuss what is scary to me around Jackson. He is such a tough boy and I don't want to compromise that because I'm afraid of snakes and arachnids.)

Normally when we go, the lions are sleeping (usually in a place where it's hard to see them). But today, they were out roaming around and even walked right up to the windows in the viewing area. I thought Jackson would be SUPER excited to see the lions up close and personal, but he seemed to be perfectly happy drawing in the dirt with a couple of sticks he found just after we saw the elephants.

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